?> Myriad Doors into Nature - Medhavi Nanda

Myriad Doors into Nature

This is a collaboration expedition into the unknown enclave of nature. It is a generative collage-making exploration utilizing P5JS and images that lead you through enigmatic doors, landing you inside a world of hyperreal imagery and fantasy that acknowledges the beauty in chaos.

Centered around the theme of “Encounters with Nature,” this creation serves as a digital portal into the diverse and captivating realms of the natural world. Through meticulous coding and design, the collage generator offers users a unique and immersive experience, inviting them to explore the intricate beauty of nature with interactivity. Utilising an algorithmic approach, the collage generator generates an endless variety of compositions, ensuring that each encounter with nature is unique such that users have the opportunity to navigate through these unexpected juxtapositions. Overall, it was one of my personal favourite projects so far that represents a harmonious fusion of art and technology, providing a platform for users to immerse themselves in the beauty and complexity of nature in the digital age.

Link to website : https://ewn-tanisha-medhavi-badc2b.netlify.app

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