?> Where there are skulls, there are stories  - Medhavi Nanda

Where there are skulls, there are stories 

The theme I chose for this conceptual still life photography is vanitas with a twist of where there are skulls, there are stories. Vanitas is a genre of art which uses symbolism to show the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death. It involves still life imagery of transitory items. 

I decided to keep my pictures based on the notion that echoes the whispers of mortality. Almost all of these still-life photographs revolve around a skull in different environments and settings, portraying distinct emotions and abstractions in a way that represents the skull as the main character of the photograph portraying death. Each composition seeks to explore the dialogue between life and death, past and present, inviting viewers to reflect on the ephemeral nature of existence and the silent tales left behind with a well-thought-of name for each photograph. The environments and accompanying objects not only highlight the inevitability of death but also celebrate the remnants of life and the enduring impact of memories, making the skull a silent storyteller that bridges the gap between the living and the dead. Through this approach, the photographs capture the essence of vanitas while weaving a rich tapestry of human experience, emotion, and the passage of time.

Beauty in the macabre.
Yesterday’s echoes and vintage whispers.
Lost in a bygone era.

Exploring the delicate balance between beauty and decay : 01
Exploring the delicate balance between beauty and decay : 02
A mirror I’d like to own.
Trash talk? Surrounded by it.
Chronicles of the past.
Cracking the mysteries of the past.
Time travel exists : Modernism with Vanitas.

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